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As a UX/UI designer at Calendly, I designed a number of foundational elements for and established the core design language of the marketing website, main application, as well as the help center. I utilized a wide array of skills to craft beautiful solutions across mediums for a diverse array of problems.
One of my first projects at Calendly was redesigning the marketing website. Starting with the home page, I established the illustration style and created flexible layouts and components to be used throughout a website seen by millions of people. During this project, I generated low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, illustrations, icons, and honed the company design language.
Marketing Website
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Calendly's original onboarding experience was outdated, bare, and left users confused about the product's benefits and functions. When redesigning this flow, we focused on building a simple, beautiful experience that educated users and simplified setup. During this project, I participated in user research, generated low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, illustrations, and increased user conversion rate for our targeted metric by +18%.
Application Onboarding
Calendly's external scheduling flow worked well and looked the part. The application side, however, was confusing and difficult to use. Users didn't know how to navigate the app, locate settings, or perform the actions they needed to in the core experience. On top of that, the app had a scalability problem—the interface couldn't feasibly support large enterprise users.

During this project, I conducted extensive user research and testing, improved core information architecture, redesigned foundational components and pages, as well as established modern design language for the app's most fundamental pages.

Perhaps the biggest project we'd undertaken as a company, I was responsible for designing an interface that could scale easily between individual users and large enterprise teams. I generated low-fidelity wireframes/maps/flows, high-fidelity mockups, illustrations, icons, and created a library of UI components to use and be used by the design team.
Foundational Application Design
No product is perfect. When users have problems, it should be easy to diagnose and recover from them. Iterating on the existing help center, we exposed popular articles on the home page to improve recovery time, improved content navigability, and visually refreshed the core pages to align with our updated design style. During this project, I leveraged user feedback and generated low-fidelity wireframes, high-fidelity mockups, as well as illustrations. This redesign is still being rolled out, so look for more updates in the future.

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